Chelsey Richardson’s writing is the electrical current that flows between words and the spiritual world.  She grounds her work in the notion that her role as an artist is to tell the bittersweet truth. She is a mother, teacher, and poet.  The CD Forum for Arts and Ideas, said this about her work, “Her writing requires you to think critically and examine the world in which we live. She is a writer that truly represents independent poetic expression. There is a cleverness and creativity in her prose that draws the reader or listener in.” In 2019-2020 she was awarded the role of "Master Poet" by The Center for Washington Cultural Traditions, Speakers Bureau. She released her debut poetry book, All Water has Perfect Memory, 2021. You may have read or heard her work in Poetry on the Bus, The South Seattle Emerald, and The Carter Center Forum on Human Rights in Atlanta.  She holds a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Washington and Master's in Teaching English Education.  Look for her upcoming work in Natasha Marin’s, Black Imagination.  She currently works as an educator.